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Why You Should Choose Us!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Investing in your child’s future may be a stressful topic to think about, but it doesn’t have to be. Tutoring & Beyond may be the one stop shop you’ve been looking for when it comes to tutoring & homeschooling. We want nothing less than the best for your child just like you.

We customize tutoring curricula to each student!
Our dedicated team of tutors plans tutoring around each student’s needs, goals, and learning styles. They help students learn to set and meet goals, build time management skills, create and stick to study plans, and so much more. We currently offer tutoring sessions for grades 1-12 math science, english language arts, and social studies.

Sessions when & where you need!
We help you book tutoring sessions where you need and on your schedule. We offer bookings In-Home in a client’s home or client’s choice of location, Online (via Zoom or Google Classroom), or in our office located in Phoenix (Paradise Valley). We also offer long-term bookings, where you can pre-pay and schedule for sessions ahead of time for your convenience.
We find the tutor that's right for you!
Once you let us know your child’s needs, goals, and schedule we coordinate with our team to find the tutor that’s right for you. If your circumstances ever change, or you are looking for additional services, feel free to let our Head of Academics know your situation and she will find the right team member to help meet your needs.

Our company started as a blog, blossomed as a tutoring company, and now thrives offering tutoring & educational services beyond the classroom. Let us know how we can help you today on our website, or call 623-400-8470 to ask the questions you want to know.

Are you ready to give us a chance?


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