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Client Reviews

We Can't Thank You Enough For All Your Kind Words & Continuous Support!

“We sought out a different tutor when the chain tutor we were using wasn't cutting it. They weren't even looking at his school work, and we were seeing even worse grades on his report card, after a whole year there. We found Tutoring and Beyond and realized for only $10 more per session, he could have private one-on-one tutoring in his own home, and cater to his homework needs, as well as his reading and math skills. The extra money balances out with the gas to get to the other store front tutor let alone time!!! Kelsee did a great job making my grandson feel like he can achieve passing grades and he IS smart. She offers fun incentives and now he likes tutoring instead of dreading going. They also are very receptive to any questions I had and quick response time."

Plass Family | Phoenix, AZ

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