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Tutoring Beyond Team

Professional Individuals Interested In Helping Students Achieve The Highest Quality of Education



The creation of Tutoring Beyond was inspired to provide a support system for struggling students in need of educational guidance. Our mission is to provide a trustworthy, safe & respectful tutoring service for all students to prosper in their academic endeavors.

Throughout my academic journey I've utilized various tutors to excel my knowledge & understanding in areas I struggled comprehending at the speed of the class. Building this business is a tribute of my past tutors, teachers & mentors who went above & beyond to help me through my difficult times.


During my scholastic climb, I've achieved a High School Diploma from Hanford High School in Richland, WA. Then went on to earn a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Economics from Eastern Washington University in Cheney/Spokane, WA.


In the spirit of passing down successful tools, knowledge & habits, my team & I hope to inspire the coming generations through advancing their education.

Kelsee Johnson



Kelsee is a recent graduate from Azusa Pacific University in California, with a bachelors in psychology and a minor in leadership. She has over ten years of experience working with children. She has worked as a babysitter, nanny, Sunday School teacher, tutor, and elementary program intern. She has a passion for developing the holistic identity of those she works with. She practices this by not only focusing on academics, but on the overall development of the individual. Kelsee utilizes positive reinforcement and achievable challenges to grow her students in all areas.

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