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Our Phoenix Team

Professional Individuals Interested In Helping Students Achieve The Highest Quality of Education




Hey there! I'm Kelsee Elkins, a recent graduate from Azusa Pacific University in California, with a bachelors in psychology and a minor in leadership. I have over ten years of experience working with children. I've worked as a babysitter, nanny, Sunday School teacher, tutor, and elementary program intern. My true passion is developing the holistic identity of students I work with. I practice this by not only focusing on academics, but on the overall development of the child. I love to utilize positive reinforcement and achievable challenges to grow my students in all areas of academics & life.

Kaitlyn Koster



Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Koster! I am currently in my final semester of completing my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. I previously helped my teacher’s with tutoring various students in Spanish courses during high school as well as tutoring a Spanish speaking student in math. I have also worked as a nanny and a dance team coach for middle school girls. I find great joy in helping students achieve their goals and reach points they may not have felt possible on their own. I truly love cheering others on and encouraging them to push themselves!  I would love the opportunity to walk alongside your student in their academic journey and be their cheerleader and guide as they face challenges and celebrate successes big and small in the classroom!



Hello! My name is Macy Lindquist and I’m a second year student at GCU studying Nutritional Sciences. I’m originally from North Dakota and love to travel, read, and spend time at the lake with my family. I have experience working with kids of all ages. In high school I worked part time in a kindergarten classroom. I also did lots of babysitting and helping kids with homework. I have spend most of my summers working as a nanny and love to keep kids engaged and busy while they learn. Last summer I volunteered as a camp counselor and this year I am working part time for a family after school where I help with homework and make it as fun as possible! I’m excited to help kids discover a love for learning and help them reach their full potential.

Maria Lemperis



Hi there! My name is Maria Lemperis! I am currently working on a B.A. in Elementary Education at Paradise Valley Community College. When I was 16, I tutored a family friend’s child who had dyslexia and I helped her learn how to read. That is when my passion for tutoring and helping people learn really blossomed. When I got to college, I had an amazing opportunity to work as a student tutor at College of the Desert. My time there showed me how much I love to share knowledge and learn from others. While working as an assistant preschool teacher, I had a chance to really get to know the children and learn about them and their personalities. I believe each child is like a snowflake; every child is unique. Learning each child’s unique characteristics and learning styles is my favorite part of working with them. I love to encourage the children I work with to embrace those unique personalities. I would love to get the chance to see your child shine, to help them learn, and to learn from them.

David Hacker



Hello! My name is David Hacker. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Arizona State University. After graduating in 2018, I taught chemistry and physics at the high school level for just over 3 years. I first fell in love with teaching through tutoring for friends and family in my high school and college years. Seeing the light on a student’s face as they grow in their knowledge and understanding is what I strive for. I would love to help your child find this knowledge and understanding as well as curiosity and love for the beautiful world of math and science!

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