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It’s About Time To Prepare For 2023!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

When a new year comes around, everyone feels fresh seeing a clean calendar… until they remember there’s so much to do and so much to plan. If time management isn’t your favorite topic, fear not - we’ve got your back. Here are a few things to keep in mind in preparation for 2023: Study Plans Never stop learning. Whether you are a student, a mom, or on your own there’s always room to learn something new. If you are struggling to organize a study schedule with your kids, take the time to write down their weekly schedules and see whether they’re better off studying before school or after their bath. If you’re on your own or still in school, start with your daily schedule. Maybe you have some time you can take from watching viral videos to jump on a language learning app or listen to a new podcast.

Reading Lists In addition to learning, reading will keep you young. When you’re in school, you are assigned reading list after reading list, even in the summertime. Why not start setting some reading goals now? If you have children, read with them so you can discuss certain books and offer advice for their reading projects. Pick up some cash on the side writing book reviews. Books will open some doors for you before you know it.

Meal Ideas Every parent has gone through the age-old “What's for dinner?” every night for a week or even month at a time. Save yourself the frustration and get some dinner plans ahead of time. Keep a family food journal for meal planning, couponing, saving for going out, etc. Make sure to keep it open-minded, loose, and fun in case the kiddos have any friends over or nights out (everyone loves a pizza night in the long run).

Adventure Plans
Don’t forget to plan in time during the year for some fun with the family. Your kids can even have a travel nanny come along for peace of mind, or online tutoring sessions scheduled to keep their heads in the game when they go back to school. It’s okay to plan some history, or interactive learning during any trips too. For instance, a day trip to a museum or aquarium can really keep everyone engaged.

Start the year off motivated and ready! Grab a cup of tea or coffee, get your plans in order, and start organizing. If time management is not your strong suit, let us know - we can help. Better yet, get your academics squared away with our dedicated team of tutors before the new year, you’ll thank us later.

Is your family prepared for the new year?
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