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Best Study Tips for Finals

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Tis’ the season for Finals! We all remember the stress that comes from finals whether we were in high school or college, finals were a stress we all had to embrace. At Tutoring and Beyond we want to ease the tension for all of our students taking on finals for the very first time or very last time.

5 Best Study Tips for Finals:

1. Have a Plan

Finals can be different at every school on every level. Some schools may have students take 2 finals a day or 1 final a day. Regardless, you must have a plan for how to study based on priority. This will help you really outline what is to come and how to conquer your studying schedule without any added stress.

*Pro Tip- Get a planner, write out the days of your finals AHEAD of time in the planner and write out what days you will study for each.

2. Collect Everything

In order to feel prepared, you must have a wonderful understanding of what is on your exam. You will normally receive a study guide or some sort of outline of what will be included on your test. Going through all of your old tests, quizzes and notes and compiling them together will allow you to organize things for the final.

*Pro Tip- Ask your teacher for any old test correction, and to check your study guide so you have the correct answers going into the exam.

3. Prepare The Right Way

Some students have no idea what the right way is to even approach studying, so teaching them the right way is important. The fist way to do this is by rewriting your notes from class. This helps students relearn the material. The second would be to create flash cards for terms. And lastly, quiz yourself. This can be done by making practice tests on paper or online.

*Pro Tip: Do all of these steps and you will feel ready for the exam!

4. Create Your Study Space

This is the foundation of your studying.It is very important to plan out study breaks at least 30 minutes, have a quiet study space, the right snacks and hydration station. By eliminating all distractions (Phone, TV, loud distractive music) will give you the proper headspace to complete the tasks at hand.

*Pro Tip- Study in a space that does not have busy foot traffic.

5.Relax and Breathe

This may sound easier said than done but it is possible when you are following the right steps. Being prepared will allow you to breathe and take the necessary time to get through your studying efficiently.

*Pro Tip- Essential oil sprays will ease your tension, or sipping on some warm tea.

Best of luck to all of our students taking on this Final Season!

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