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Bonding With Your Children Through Academics

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Academics can be stressful for students of any age, but they don’t have to be a child’s worst nightmare. If your child is stressed out trying to learn at school, you can help them. Build a stronger bond by making it a norm to learn and grow with your child outside of the classroom. Don’t be afraid to hire a tutor or a nanny to help you help them too.

1. Explore At Home

Don’t be afraid to try the latest viral DIY science and math experiment at home with your child. Baking a new recipe together can be a great way to learn about chemistry (and cleaning) but also offer an opportunity for you both to build patience and earn a tasty treat in the end. There are new DIY projects for any age to learn and enjoy, so don’t be shy.

2. Read Outside The Classroom

Reading to and with your child builds a bond on its own, but can be an even more enjoyable task than you might think. Playing reading games while you’re on the road, or in a store can be great building blocks to starting your own book club together. Summer reading assignments don’t have to be a chore or a struggle anymore, have fun together.

3. Practice A New Language Together

Learning a new language is a challenging commitment but learning it together will be the perfect support system for you and your child. If this is a lifelong commitment for the both of you, you can set some milestones and rewards for each other along the way. If one of you grasps new concepts faster than the other, work together to overcome the challenges and grow together, this will be a bond in and of itself that neither of you will forget.

4. Take Some Field Trips

Vacations are memory-makers but planning a trip to learn something new, is a gift that keeps on giving. Travel to a fort or a historic district, attend an airshow, visit a reptile discovery center, take a duck boat tour, stop by an aquarium, walk through a museum… The options are endless. Keep an eye out for events in your area, especially in the summertime, these trips will be fun for everyone.

5. Plan A Trivia Night

Family game nights are the best nights, especially if you plan in a learning focus. There are hundreds of trivia-based games out there that you can try. Feel free to mix it up and incorporate a math or puzzle game and end the night with some Jeopardy. Keep it all fun and maybe ask each player what they’ve learned at the end of a new game.

While academics can be stressful for your children, learning doesn’t have to be anymore. Spend time learning and growing with your child to grow a stronger bond and help them fall in love with learning again. Don’t be afraid to hire a tutor or a nanny to help you help them too.

What have you and your child spent time learning together lately?

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