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Habits To Improve Your Mind & Body

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you’re doing okay, but you’re still feeling like something is missing? Have you ever noticed a pile of mail that’s gone unnoticed for far too long? Have you looked at your dusty bookshelf and gotten overwhelmed (where does this dust even come from)? Trying to reorganize your daily life can go a long way. Here are six things you can start doing today to help you get organized:

1. Clear The Digital Air

We all take screenshots to remind us to do or think about things another time but then end up never looking at them. So take 15 minutes every once in a while to go through your phone, deleting old and unneeded screenshots. This newfound space will help you take a weight off your shoulders you didn’t even realize you had.

2. Create Your Fuel Plan

Create a meal plan and draft up a grocery list. Even if your meal plan includes one or two takeouts, at least you will be prepared ahead of time. Be sure to go for fresh produce in your grocery list and write it down in your meal plan. Also, make sure you include some brain food rich in nutrients to keep your body running healthy. For example, some carrots to snack on next to your iced coffee are a good start.

3. Sort The Comfort Space

Organize your closet. Empty that hamper. Uncover that chair — you know the one. Putting away your clothes, towels, and blankets can really help clear up the clutter you’ve gotten so comfortable around. Note: You can even fold your fluffy sweaters and stack them for more space.

4. Plan Your Day

Write down the top five things that you have to get done each day, and plan your day around that list. Whether you have some errands to run on different sides of town or a new med you have to plan a meal with, planning will help you stay on track. To make it easier, add your favorite smoothie/coffee place to your trek across town. Or even add a movie night at home after your big days to help you unwind.

5. Minimize The Digital Notifications

Unsubscribe from emails that you never open or read. This digital clutter puts way more unnecessary stress on you that you may never even realize it’s bothering you. So clear it out sooner rather than later to help yourself out in the long run.

6. Review Your Spending Habits

Review your spending and create a monthly budget that you can stick to. Hear me out: I know how common you probably hear this advice. Personally, I have ignored it many times before. But it’s very important. So set a single money goal and slowly plan a way to meet that goal. Any little adjustment like that will be a good start towards bettering your spending habits.

Incorporating healthy habits can help boost your mood and health and even open up your schedule in little ways, positively impacting your life. Minimizing your phone’s daily notifications or dealing with image clutter will not only open up space but also help you save your battery. Not to mention, it will take away from a mental load you weren’t actively focusing on. What’s more, planning your meals and your days will help you save money and make better money decisions, and who doesn’t want that? Let us know if you have any other tips that help you stay organized!

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