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How Conflict Can Create Growth & Understanding

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

We never want to see our children experience stress or conflict but sometimes learning to overcome conflict and solve problems builds lifelong skills for your child. Allow your child to feel their frustration, and then guide them how they can begin to figure out how to resolve their obstacles.

Perspective Conflict resolution can really open someone’s eyes to other viewpoints, visions, and values. Learning how to understand others, especially when they see things differently from you is a lifelong lesson that many kids need time to learn.

Priorities Once one learns how to handle learning that the world does not have to see the same way they do, they can learn how to reorganize their priorities. This is especially important for school-age children to learn early. They routinely need to ask themselves what it is they want to achieve, is the path worth it- if yes, why; if no, why pursue it. Once one learns to choose which conflict is worth fighting, they can learn the value of letting go.

Behavior If confrontation leads to fighting, one may get used to fighting. This will show them really fast how they cannot change the other side, but how they can change themselves. Learning to step back and keep an eye on interactions and patterns, and learn what can trigger battle mode and how to avoid it is the key to overcoming conflict in the long run.


People tend to avoid conflict as much as possible stead of learning to overcome it because they don’t want to feel threatened or vulnerable. Instead of backing away, it’s important to minimize conflict and learn to reflect. Reflecting on what makes one feel vulnerable inside will encourage growth and understanding.

Picking up problem solving skills takes time and effort that everyone has to go through in different avenues. Let your children learn and grow overcoming their own challenges. Building these conflict resolution skills may grow the bond between you and your child, so don’t skip any of these opportunities.

What is a frustrating obstacle you’ve overcome?

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