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How To Stay Cool In The Heat!!

Written By: Cassandra Vella

As summer rolls in, so does the heat out in the Greater Phoenix area, and with that comes the great search of new ways to stay cool. Search no longer, Tutoring & Beyond has your back this season! Sit back, relax, and try some of these tricks to help you stay cool with the kids in the heat:

1) Put A Bowl Of Ice In Front Of Your Fan

A time and true method to cool down a room in no time, sticking a bowl of ice right in front or behind your fan (depending on the type of fan) can help anyone cool down. Whether your kiddos are in their playroom having a blast, or you are hard at work in the kitchen, save some ice for a cool drink and for your fan.

2) Put Your Moisturizer In The Fridge

Moisturizer and sunscreen are lifesavers in the summertime no matter where you live. Give your sunscreen and moisturizer a makeover by storing them in the fridge so you can minimize your pores and keep your skin cool in the summer heat. Pro-tip: Keep your aloe in the fridge for even more relief if you ever need it.

3) Eat Spicy Food, But Avoid Salty Food

You know how your body sweats to cool off, making you feel warm and gross but more comfortable in the long run? Eating spicy foods has a similar effect on your body from the inside out! Only chew what you can handle, don’t push your limits, but a spicy snack every once in a while can do some good for your metabolism and give your sweat glands a break.

4) Soak Your Feet In An Ice Bath

When you can’t take a ride over to the local splash pad, or swimming hole, try soaking your feet for a chill. When it’s cold outside, I love to soak my feet in a little bath water and scented epsom salts to relax and thaw - why not try a refreshing dip in cooler water on a hot day? Take a seat with your favorite smoothie in hand, and set up your bath with some cooler water when it gets too hot outside. Or after a cooling rain, splash in a puddle or two!

5) Wash The Family Car Together

Growing up and playing in the sprinklers was a core memory for so many, why not make it a bonding experience by doing some yard work together or one of my dad’s favorites: washing the cars together. Playing in the suds, and splashing the buckets and hoses around were classics on car wash days. Bonus: rinse the chalk off the driveways for a clean slate when it’s safe for chalk art again!

6) Make your own frozen treats at home!

Don’t forget to save some fruit to pop into your favorite ice tray to make your own popsicles at home. Whether you’re using a kit or your own ice trays and sticks, save some dollars and know what your kids are eating when you make your own popsicles. Better yet, teach your kiddos about money to save up for a slushie kit from your local store for an even better treat to battle the heat.

While it may be hard to relax in the sun when your kids are out running around in the blistering heat, fear no more. It only takes a few steps with some items around the house to stay cool this desert summer!

Let us know which tips work for you, or if you have any of your own!

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