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How To Utilize Your Tutor

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

To fully understand where your money goes when it comes to tutoring, you must look at the whole picture of what it means to have a tutor.

A tutor is simply there to aid a student academically to stay on track of their grades and to give them the resources they need to feel confident in their studies.

However, many students and even households don’t quite grasp how to utilize their tutor to the fullest and we’d like to share some helpful tactics to make each session one of a kind!

1. Ask Questions

This sounds obvious, but many students and parents don’t ask their tutor questions about a) Things they don’t understand b) the session progress c) where there can be improvement outside of the session. We believe that tutors are a great way to fill gaps but ultimately, the benefit comes from putting in work after each session and applying what the tutor has taught to the student.

2. Bring All Course Material

Being prepared before each session only exemplifies your students' success within the tutoring session. Just as prepared as our tutoring team is, we expect the same from the other party. In order for tutors to do their job diligently and effectively, we must see everything that involves the subject at hand. This can be: course syllabus, current grades (including any missing assignments and low grades), homework and past tests. Tutors will go above and beyond their job description to ensure your student is getting the proper attention in their education.

3. Know How You Learn

Students may or may not be aware of their learning techniques and that’s okay. Our tutoring team will discover this shortly after performing quick evaluation tests with your student. Speaking up about the way you learn is important to tell your tutor. Our team will implement new skills and tools for your student to use if we find that your student is needing to tweak their learning methods to benefit their studies.

These are a few ways to improve each session and utilize our tutoring team to benefit your student’s academic outcome!

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