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How We Customize Your Student’s Curriculum

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Whether a child is homeschooled, receives private schooling, or attends public schooling, our dedicated team of tutors customizes a plan for each student around their curriculum and personal goals. Children shouldn’t feel like they are constantly behind in school because of a standard level of progress, they should be able to have fun learning and actually understand the material they are being taught. Here’s how our team caters to each child’s individual education:

Goals, Not Just Milestones

It can be heart wrenching when a parent teacher conference turns into a meeting about how a child is not meeting certain academic milestones in their education. While that makes for a great time to reach out to a tutor to help catch a student up, this opportunity is more about helping a child succeed in the long run. Tutors help children and parents set learning goals along the way towards their higher grades and learning milestones. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals can help students understand the values goal setting has and even help make learning fun again.

Lesson Plans Outside The Classroom

While everyone knows teachers plan out their curricula into different lesson plans for each of their classes, it’s important to note that tutors actually do the same. Tutors are not just homework helpers or educational babysitters, their job is to help students succeed in their education. Once a tutor knows their students’ goals in their education, they can set out a lesson plan designed around their student’s individualized curriculum. These lesson plans are designed for each individual tutoring session to keep students on track.
One-on-one can be way more fun
For some students, classrooms are quite nightmare-ish and hard to focus in. While they may be taking notes all day in a classroom, they might not be soaking up each concept like a sponge. Tutoring sessions are great ways for students to really review their lessons and take their learning up a notch in a one-on-one setting. Being able to minimize distractions and keep an open communication for a one-on-one private tutoring session can really help students to actually learn their expected curricula.

It’s not about the homework

Tutors are not just homework helpers, they have other planned activities up their sleeves to keep a student learning, practicing, and actually enjoying their studies. It’s always important to know a student’s preferred learning style, and utilize this knowledge to push a student just a little further to help them reach their aha moments. If a session wraps up sooner, tutors offer students other study activities or seasonal packets to keep a student’s skills sharp from one lesson to the next.

Plenty of time for feedback

While each tutor has prepared lesson plans, homework, reviews, practice tests, and more for each session, tutors also include plenty of time for two-way feedback. Classrooms during the school day can be intimidating for students to ask questions and seek the feedback they need. One-on-one tutor sessions allow students time to confidently ask the questions they may need, or seek the different perspectives they want on topics they “just don’t get.” This can allow not only the student but also the tutor to receive valuable feedback on performance along the learning journey a student may be on.

It’s not entirely about education

Tutors can be extremely helpful at teaching students how to improve their grades, but they can also help students learn some other useful tips along the way. Tutors can really help students learn the values of time management and conflict resolution. Students also look to tutors to teach them how to be more organized, whether they even realize it or not. Learning patience and how to love learning also comes from tutoring sessions in many cases as well.

Tutors may have more than one student to work with in a day, but they take so much into consideration when they are customizing their plans for each student. While there are standard curricula for students to meet, tutors take this into account along with what each student wants to do with their education in the short term as well as the long run. Tutoring sessions may be short, but what students gain from them sticks around much longer.

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