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Study Hacks ~ Improve Your Studies!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

A cliche as it may sound, there is always room for improvement - especially in your studies. Whether you are trying to exceed your academic goals, or you feel like you are struggling to keep up, it’s always good to catch up on the latest study hacks. Here are a few study hacks to try out this school year:

Keep The Lights On While you may want to get more comfortable after a long day of school, keep the lights up when it’s time to study. This will boost visual clarity, and help you focus on details.

Good Morning Try studying early in the morning instead of after a long day of school and sports. While it may feel easier to cram in a study session after your daily routine, if you plan ahead you might have a better session in the morning.

Munch Time Students of all ages need to be reminded to save time to eat from time to time. Why not incorporate snack time into your study time? Chewing gum can sometimes help you focus, brain food can do the same.

Write It Out Handwrite your notes, especially points you are struggling with. While you are focusing on handwriting, add in visual prompts, colors, diagrams, etc to help you study. These little landmarks will spice up your notes so it’s not all black and white, pencil and paper.

Tell Someone When you take the time to teach someone a subject that’s on your mind, you may find that you know more than you think. Being able to talk about the subject you’re trying to learn, whether in a presentation, conversation, or simply teaching a classmate that may be confused, can really help you get a better grasp on new conceptual material.

Save Space There are some studies that have shown that it may be beneficial to switch up your study space from time to time instead of using a central study spot all the time. While you may feel like you perform best at your desk at home, try studying in a new location to see how well you have a grasp on the basics of the material compared to memorizing your study page. That way you can learn to adapt and be prepared for future tests and even job interview stress in new environments.

Put Your Records On

If you are someone who likes to listen to music to help you focus, make sure you are growing accustomed to the right music for studying. Studies show there are some genres out there that are “music for the mind” that can help boost focus, concentration, and mental stamina.


Between school, sports, hobbies, etc life can get pretty busy. Don’t forget to eat regularly and more importantly, get enough restful sleep. All your hard work studying may not work out in your favor if you are not getting enough rest.

Studying doesn’t have to be hard. Start utilizing some of these study hacks to start improving your studies today. If you need a hand, our team of tutors is always available to help teach new study habits into your routine.

What are your favorite study hacks?

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