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Learning Activities for Kids

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Out-of-staters visit Phoenix around this time of the year precisely for its weather conditions. It is a time to enjoy living and learning. Sometimes beautiful weather is taken for granted, so here are two outdoor activities and two indoor ones that your kids can learn by doing and come to appreciate the sense of Spring hope in the process.

-> Outdoors:

  • Family Frisbee Golf Competition - tally up who is the most precise family member and reward him or her with a prize. This lighthearted competition can yield the skill of precision. Spring is a time where new birth requires directional and precisional focus.

  • Archery - modern archery can be enticing and teaches the skill of intuited trajectory. A sense of how projections work in combination with the forces of nature, e.g. gravity, can aid the learner in knowing how his or her momentum and strength can be tested and tried, increased and decreased, and calculated based on hand-and-eye coordination.

-> Indoors:

  • Read a Series as a Family - Pick a favorite series of books, and read them together. Afterwards, discuss favorite parts and strange thoughts about either the characters, plotlines, drama, or whatever else comes to mind. My family loved Brandon Mull’s work. The more intense the drama, the more the sense of joy from shared experience comes into play.

  • Try Wits & Wagers. - This family fun board game tests your knowledge of hundreds of facts concerning any subject whatsoever. Bet on the best answer and play to win the most points. Be surprised by what new information you might find out about the world.

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