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My Child Hates School... Could A Private Tutor Help?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

When you’re growing up, school is always daunting or boring, but when learning becomes fun, you feel like you can never get enough! Tutors are great at helping students fall in love with learning when they teach new ways to learn and study. Here are some ways your child can learn to love learning again by working with a private tutor:

Bridge The Gap Tutors are essential for far more than homework help. A private tutor can help your child catch up and get ahead, and over the summer, bridge the gap in their education from one school year to the next so your child doesn’t feel like they may have to sink or swim in their studies.

Self-Paced Learning

Tutors curate their curriculum around each student’s individual learning goals and objectives to encourage self-paced learning. This allows the student to understand new concepts on their time, not overwhelm them keeping up with classmates. Self-paced learning allows students the chance to fully understand what they are learning, and how important each lesson can really be, improving their confidence in their studies and performance.

Positive Study Habits

Schools expect students to study each lesson and prepare for exams and quizzes on their own, but sometimes do not value that there are different ways for each student to learn how to study. Tutors guide students into setting up study schedules to meet learning goals, and help them learn how to study, or how to grow in their study habits.

Stay Focused Tutoring at home (or in an office like ours) can help eliminate distractions that students may face in a classroom. Tutors can help students boost their organizational skills and time management and allow for questions way easier than students may experience in a full classroom.

Hiring a private tutor to work with your family can feel a bit risky, but if they get along great with your child and your child learns the value of goals and success in the process, you’ll know it was all worthwhile.

When do you want to get started?

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