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On The Weekend

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Here are our Top 4 Activities to engage in over the weekend:

Game Night

Nothing but game night with friends, some drinks, and leisurely engagement with life’s intensest moments!


Sure there are those big vacations, but make a mini-trip to a subtle and quiet location - a sweet old town (like Sedona, Arizona), or perhaps somewhere in the countryside (a mountain or forest with walkways). Spend a few hours apart from your usual hideouts and gain perspective from afar.

T.V. Show Get-Together

Plan a T.V. Show Night with friends where you plan out a set of episodes to watch and discuss afterwards. Have popcorn and snacks readily available. Who can come up with the most thought-provoking question concerning the show by the end of the session? And who has the best listening ear when someone else is speaking?

Be A Good Sport

Trade the load from labor to leisure with a bit of game and sport. Interrupt your business with a new business of frisbee, or perhaps golf, football, soccer, swimming, or some other physical activity that involves exercising.

Comment below to lest us know what your favorite activities your family likes to do outdoors!

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