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Summer School Learning Packets

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

After all the online learning and stressful burnout from trying to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic, students and parents alike deserve a relaxing summer break. However, nobody wants to start a school year overwhelmed, feeling like they’re behind in their studies. To prevent this feeling, our team has created fun, educational summer packets.

What is a summer packet?

A summer learning packet is a personalized grade-specific curriculum organized to keep a child on track in their learning journey when the summer break comes around. These packets contain grade-specific material that can be fun ways to proactively continue their studies without taking away from summer fun. These packets are not homework for the summer. Instead, they are a review that can help a student build upon what they’ve already learned in the classroom, in a fun, new way.

Is a summer packet worth it?

Children will love completing the activities included in our summer academic packets, and can even make it fun for parents to be involved in their child’s learning. These packets can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, so don’t worry about taking too much time away from summer vacation. These packets can also save parents time and stress from searching for resources to keep children stimulated and learning over the summer.

What will a summer packet include?

We’ll be glad to personalize summer learning packets to what each child needs after a short, free placement evaluation. Our academic team will be able to evaluate each child’s subject levels in grades k-12 to see which milestones they will want to target. Subjects will include math fluency, reading comprehension, science activities, and so much more!

Nobody wants to lose an entire school year’s worth of learning over the summer to put any student behind. Our summer learning packets are built to bridge the gap in education from one school year to the next! Contact us today to get your evaluation scheduled and get ready for this summer:

Call: 623-400-8470 or complete the contact form right on our website.

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