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Summer Tutoring Benefits

Written By: Paige Neely

Normalize summer tutoring for students. All of the negative connotations around summer tutoring is something that needs to come to a halt. The ability to learn and grow is such a gift and we need to show that to our students. Over the summer, students who do not continue working on core curriculum such as Math and English, will loose over 40% of their previous school year's knowledge. This is why most teachers have a week or review or recaps from the previous year. How can we help eliminate this loss of information?

What Does Tutoring & Beyond Have To Offer:

We offer tutoring throughout the whole year for students out of the comfort of their own home, online and from our office.

Summer tutoring can be seen as a drag for most students or even as a means that they are not smart like other kids who don't attend summer school but that Is the wrong perspective.

We encourage our students to chase after learning experience as It Is a privilege to learn. How can parents motivate their kids Into wanting to continue their studies throughout summer? Well, we have a few helpful tips:

1) Explain how Summer tutoring will only allow them ease when returning to school and could even put them ahead of the other students.

2) Provide your student with a plan. Sit down and discuss areas of concern, where they would like to Improve and learn more about.

Communicating with your student about how they learn Is super Important In building a relationship with them and their healthy relationship with education/school.

Our summer tutoring program provides building blocks and filling curriculum to boost each student's confidence and endurance through learning. We create homework packets, review tests and progress reports for each students to provide their growth throughout the summer.

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