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The Benefits Of Tutoring For All Ages

Written By: Paige Neely

Schooling looks different these days to most parents. Math is done differently, masks are worn all day, grades and assignments are displayed online, laptops and phones are allowed onto school grounds!? Statistics show that on average, students spend 6-7 hours at school, meaning, children spend more awake hours in school than they do at home! Some students have a hard time totally grasping the information they've learned from school and applying it to their homework or even studying. With COVID-19, some teachers don't even have school office hours for students to come and ask questions before or after school. That can be really damaging to their studies, leaving them clueless when they go home.

Tutoring & Beyond would like to highlight why having a tutor for all grades is super crucial to all of those students that need extra help. Having a tutor is not to be seen as a crutch but as a tool. During K-8, their learning ability is challenged each year they grow, and if their building blocks of knowledge are not stabilized, it's very hard to regain momentum in the years to come.

1) Find The Gaps

We extensively study our students as we work with them in each session, analyzing where there are missing links in their studies. Tutoring & Beyond work to create fillers to make sure students fill those gaps before moving on. By providing evaluation tests and extra work, we personalize each session to give the student the best chance of being successful.

2) Organize Their Minds

This is a very important aspect for all grade levels but should be taught from the very beginning of their school years. Being able to organize their thought process, grows problem solvers! We heavily lean on this strategy to help our students to become self-reliant.

3) Accountability

Students are developing their own personalities, their own ways of thinking and speaking. We encourage them to find their voices while also being able to ask for guidance. Tutoring is not a crutch by any means. Many great leaders have mentors, teachers, and someone there to keep them accountable. That is what Turoing & Beyond are here for. Guiding our students through their day to day schedules, study guides, and difficult questions.

All students K-8 should have someone to reach out to when they need assistance. From students who struggle to students that are straight-A, Honors Students, everyone deserves to have a Tutor by their side.

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