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What Can Private Tutoring Do For Your Student?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Investing in your child’s education is a huge leap but can offer the reward of a lifetime. Whether your child is attending public, private, or home school, a tutor can be there to keep them ahead of the game and fill in any gaps between grade levels during breaks. Help get your child in the right direction, here’s what private tutoring can offer for your child:

Eliminate Distractions
One-on-one private tutoring sessions can help students focus by eliminating classroom distractions between gossip, fidgets, notes, and more. Tutors are not stretched thin during sessions between 20+ students at a time when they can sit down and work with a customized curriculum for one student at a time.

Personalized Curricula
Our tutors offer the chance for students to personalize their sessions by letting tutors know their academic goals before they even get started. This allows tutors to get more involved in lesson planning for each session ahead of time. Also, this can help tutors design their activities for each student's learning style so they can reach their milestones with ease.

Build Trust
Having regular sessions with a tutor can really help a student build confidence in and outside of the classroom. Students can feel comfortable knowing the teaching style of their tutor year after year as opposed to the differences in each of their classes throughout the day. They may feel more comfortable asking tutors certain questions than in a classroom setting, especially if there are topics they “just don’t get” at the end of the school day.

We offer grade 1-12 private tutoring on your time and your location of choice because we know life is busy and we want to help fill the gaps in your child’s education. Whether your child is homeschooling or traveling, we can be there virtually and offer long term booking plans to keep your schedule up to date. We’re only a click away via Zoom and Google Classroom when you need it.

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to boost your child’s academic success. Our Head of Academics can help you find the perfect tutor to meet your child’s needs. Reach out on our website or call 623-400-8470 when you are ready to get started, or if you have any questions that are holding you back. Private tutoring may be what is missing from your child’s education, and doesn’t take up too much time out of their busy schedules.

Is your student ready to give tutoring a try?

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